O’Fallon Assembly of God Serves Fontebella

At 8:00am on a Saturday morning, cars, trucks, and over 20 members of the O’Fallon Assembly of God Church arrived at Fontebella.  We were the lucky recipient’s of the congregations Servolution.  Volunteers came with shovels, rakes, hammers and work gloves; they were men, women, and children – and they were all there to help Fontebella.

The front of the home was transformed into a beautifully landscaped garden area with fresh mulch and lively shrubbery.  The backyard looked even more amazing than the front – volunteers weeded, cleaned up refuse from last years garden, removed old fence posts, etc.  When they were finished, we could hardly believe it was our yard!
Church members didn’t stop there; they moved into our storage shed and installed much needed ceiling fans – thankfully before the summer heat arrives and our inventory volunteers have to face the heat.
What a wonderful gift from a blessed group of servants, and all because a friend of Fontebella, Eileen Blackburn, submitted our name for the congregations Servolution.  Thank you Eileen and to Pastor Clint for organizing this event with such giving friends of O’Fallon Assembly of God.
The ability to care about others is truly God coming forward in our lives.  We continue our ministry providing shelter for mothers who find themselves homeless because they chose to preserve the life of their unborn baby or because of domestic violence.
Thank you to all the members of O’Fallon Assembly of God and for sharing your unconditional love with Fontebella Maternity Home.