Youth Serves Fontebella

Austin Lee a 17 year old Life Scout with Troop 78 in Shiloh knocked on our door, introduced himself and said he would like to support Fontebella and our mission by completing a service project for us as he worked towards the completion of Eagle Scout.

Austin   learned of Fontebella through his church, First Baptist Church in O’Fallon.   As a   17  year old young man, Austin understood the importance of life,  he also realized  how courageous it is for a young woman to choose the life of their unborn child. Our ladies find themselves alone, without food, or safe choices because they have chosen to save this life they carry within them.  After visiting our home Austin realized the need for a retaining wall in the front of our home and after receiving approval of his Troop on the design, he set out on his fund raising, negotiated the purchase of supplies,then he and his team of workers went to work.

Today our home has a beautiful and functioning retaining wall for our visitors to view  as they  drive  up   our gravel entry to the home.

What a wonderful addition to the legacy Fontebella has begun and Austin’s love for life will go on forever.  When you visit our home view the beauty of our wall and know that supporters of all ages are working together to insure that no young woman shall ever feel as if they are alone.

Austin Lee, stands in front of his finished project

This was was the easy part, then the challenge began.








Friends and family lend a hand under Austins direction to complete the wall.