Why I Volunteer for Fontebella

IMG_5675Motivation comes in many forms. For some, it is the drive to succeed; for others, the need to survive. For me, it is the will for change. My grandmother has always been a large motivator in my life, but when she started her non for profit organization I knew that this was something that I needed to be involved in. I felt that I had a duty not only to my community, but to my family, to become a major supporter in her dream.

This duty, however, has come at a price. For the first few months, I had to get down and dirty and clean the property that had been donated to start Fontebella. We began by cleaning up the previously inhabited buildings. Once everything was clean, Fontebella needed to be painted and remodeled, the yard needed to be cleared, and the 12 acres of land mowed. After Fontebella was started, I began entering information into the online donations database, working events such as yard sales, banquets, and golf tournaments, and upkeep such as shed cleanup and shelf building. Recently, I served as a liaison between the Development Director and my school’s National Honors Society coordinator.

This organization, and my work within it, has housed 58 women who otherwise would have been pregnant and living on the streets. These women, who believed that they would be forced into having an abortion, were shown that there are other options. Many of them now have successful jobs and homes of their own and have began rebuilding their lives to become contributing members to society. Of these 58 women, 53 have given birth to beautiful, healthy babies, and 3 are currently pregnant in the home. I sincerely hope that this organization will continue to grow and help hundreds of women in the future.

Personally, Fontebella, and the girls living there, have taught me what it means to be truly grateful of the kindness of others, and the gratification involved in helping someone less fortunate than yourself. My grandmother’s perseverance and strength in accomplishing her dream has shown me that anything is possible through dedication, and that I too can accomplish my dreams. I will never forget the sense of unity after accomplishing the first annual Fontebella Golf Tournament as all of the volunteers sat exhausted in a room and simply looked at each other and smiled in triumph. Every time that a girl from Fontebella speaks on the way that this has impacted her life I cannot help but feel a sense of pride and joy in how this has changed these women’s lives. If there was one thing that I could tell others of my age about this experience, it is to follow your dream. Because although that may sound cliche, miracles do happen, dreams do come true, and you can make a difference.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             – Lindsey Yearian