About Fontebella

From its location in the Metro East area of St. Louis, Missouri, Fontebella ministers to young women with a vast range of services. Our faith-based ministry is made possible because a loving God chooses to instill His will into a host of volunteers, donors, business leaders, elected officials, community resources, and faith-based groups joined in a common purpose; the belief that the dignity of every citizen is worthy of us.

As a community we are called to lift up and support our brothers and sisters who lack shelter, warmth, food, a kindly smile and hands stretched forth and ready to serve Our loving God as His will moves among us. We rely on the wonderful generosity of just good-hearted people for the resources needed to support this very critical community investment; and we rely on the prayerful support of people like you; people who believe they are called to protect and stand guard over the lives of our most vulnerable citizens; those yet unborn brothers and sisters and the courageous mothers who choose life!

Making Miracles Happen

Making Miracles Happen

Fontebella is a 501(c)3 private corporation dedicated to sharing God’s unconditional love with young women over the age of 18 who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.

Fontebella provides positive alternatives for women. Here they will find love and care in a positive home-like setting.

We know the choices of parenting or adoption are tough ones for a young mother. At Fontebella we don’t presume to steer mothers in either direction. Rather we believe these young women have within themselves the capacity to make the best choices themselves and we believe our role is one of giving them some ‘breathing room’; a place where they can feel safe, warm, fed, and loved; and a place from which they can take the time they need to sort out what they feel they need to ensure what is best form them and the precious gift they carry within them.

In short, if we can serve as a resource that keeps them safe, warm, fed and housed for a short time they will come to their own decisions based on their own good judgment.

Often our young mothers come from troubled environments and simply need a hand-up from those whom God calls to reach out that hand.

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