About The Founders

Susan & Bob HuffSusan, and her husband, Bob, have four children. Susan works part time at Bob’s roofing company in south St. Louis County.

Fontebella has been a seven-year journey for Susan, who first felt a calling to serve God in this Ministry when she attended a religious retreat in Quincy, Illinois in 2002.

Susan has opened her heart to God asking how she could serve Him. Fontebella is but one of God’s great miracles; a fortress guarded by those who hear His calling and watch over the precious gifts of life whom this loving God has willed to live among.

Susan’s personal experience of an unplanned pregnancy before marriage was powerful. Like the young women who find their way to Fontebella she felt the panic, the fear, the uncertainty of that moment.

Happily she had the love and support of a family unit that cared deeply for her. This caring element is what we work hard to achieve at Fontebella.