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Are You Pregnant? Need Help?

Pregnant? Need help?If you find yourself in an unplanned or crisis pregnancy and you are 18 years or older and without a place to live we might be able to help you out.

At Fontebella we provide young expectant mothers who might feel they have no place to turn with a home-like setting. We know you might feel lonely, abandoned by family, friends, perhaps the father of your child… that is a very scary place to be in your life.

But please know there really are people at Fontebella who care deeply about YOU! We don’t judge you, we’re not here to try and make decisions for you, your new baby, or your future. We are here to offer you a place to be safe, warm, loved as you work toward YOUR goals and YOUR future.

There are huge challenges for you as you begin to adjust to your new role as a mother. We are able to help you adjust to those new challenges and to turn them into opportunities for you, your future, and the future of the precious gift you have been given.

Please consider giving us a call if you just want to talk anytime day or night. There is no pressure to convince you in any direction. You will only hear a caring, loving voice; and more important we promise to just listen to YOU. Whatever time it takes we promise to listen to your needs, your dreams, your desires. Please consider making that call today at 618.406.4355.

If you find (or suspect) you are in an unsafe or abusive environment for you and your unborn child, call someone immediately. You are a precious person and no one has the right to inflict harm on you whether verbally or physically. Please remember you are a mother – a very special role that carries with it enormous responsibility – and so do all you can to protect not only yourself but the precious gift you carry within you!