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Volunteers are the most critical element for ensuring we are able to continue ministering to the young women who find their way to our door. Because people in the community choose to say I CARE and then step up and put those two small words into action we are able to use their time and talent to get these women onto a good and prosperous road to success!

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Fontebella Volunteer Opportunities: Ways You Can Become Involved

House Mentor

This position is direct hands-on with guests.  It requires you to be present at the home a few hours a week to help guide our young mothers in their day to day activities.  It also helps relieve the resident house managers from their daily tasks at the home.  Time with the guests can be spent doing in-home DVD classes, watching a movie, teaching a craft or many other activities you would like to share with the guests.  What a wonderful gift it is to give your time for this wonderful blessing!


These volunteers are available to transport guest(s) to appointments they might have.  These can include, doctor appointments, WIC appointments, Housing, Hospital, MOPS or any other activity guests need transportation for.  Most of the time you would be put on a call list; once an appointment comes up; the House Manager will call and see if you are available for a specific need.  Please consider helping in this important position.

Parenting/Life Skills Class Facilitator

These volunteers are available to assist and facilitate the guests watching a DVD lesson and facilitate discussion regarding the information provided in an attempt to help the ladies learn different areas in life skills as well as parenting.  This position can also include areas of expertise you would like to teach such as Labor and Delivery, Anger Management, Resume Writing, Bible Study, Personal Budgeting, Sewing and other crafts.  Any talent or gift you have can be useful or fun to share with guests.  Please contact us!


These volunteers are responsible for counting, sorting, washing and putting away donations that come in.  This position also completes our pre-printed tax donation forms and mails them to donors.


Sometimes we need a handy man or woman to fix and maintain the house.  We need people who know plumbing, electrical, equipment repair, and other areas of expertise that are needed in the day-to-day tasks of caring for a house.

Church Liaison

We would love to have a person from each church in the area to be our point person for that church.  This person would be responsible for talking with the pastor/priest/minister and/or secretary about Fontebella.  There may be events at your church that the ladies at Fontebella can assist with.  Additionally, this volunteer would keep the members of the church aware of the events going on at Fontebella so that we can develop strong relationships and partnerships with all the churches in the area.


If you are savvy in Microsoft Word, Excel, research, data bases – then we need your help.  We need to maintain data in formats we can easily retrieve.  We can use help in typing in data and developing formats to keep our information.  At times we need help in stuffing envelopes or preparing large mailings.  We need detail oriented volunteers to help with these items.


We hold a few major fundraisers each year.  Fontebella cannot exist without our fundraisers and the fundraisers cannot exist without volunteers willing to help with the legwork and organization of each of these projects.  Please consider sharing your creative ideas with us to make our fundraisers successful.

Some positions may require background checks and fingerprinting, especially if they involve direct contact with guests. 

If you are interested in volunteering at Fontebella please fill out our Volunteer Application below.

Volunteer Application

Please fill this out if you are interested in volunteering with Fontebella.
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  • Employment

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  • Character References

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  • Volunteer Hours & Activities

  • Please only select days and times you are willing to volunteer. AM is anytime between 7-6 PM is anytime between 6-10PM
  • We try to match our volunteers with activities they will enjoy. Please select your areas of interest and/or expertise.